seriem resistor Network

Quod haec quod fere seriem Resquodutr Network related, ego spe ut auxilium vos melior intellegite seriem Resquodutr Network.
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  • MELF Resistor Features: 1.Low temperature coefficient, high precision, good high frequency performance. 2.Operating ambient temperature: -55~+155 3.Film the metal in Vacuum, the surface coats blue resin with the good waterproof. 4. Resistance range: ±0.1%、±0.25%、±1%、±5%.

  • ueldinata resistuel ï¼ GRAï¼ features: 1.Small magnitudine apud altum density, solebant uel print PCB. 2.Operating ambientium, temperatus: -55Â ° F ~ + F 125a. 3.Resistance tolerantia, Â ± I%, Â ± II%, V% Â ±.

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